Mummy Giraffe!~By MyriamAziza!

“My child played a horrible prank on me!” I told the news reporters. “Here’s the story:”

“I was just admiring how beautiful I am, if I do say so myself. When I asked the brat I have as a daughter to go make me some tea.”

“She came back with a brown, greasy looking tea, it had looked like she put a melted candle or something.”

“Anyways…so I drank it because I was parched. I think she put salt, yeah, she did. Then I looked into my mirror, but instead of my beautiful face, there was a hideous giraffe’s head. 

victory Royale by Oscar!

One day Greasy Giraffe and Brown Salt were in the battle bus.”where do you want to land ?”asked Greasy Giraffe “salt springs I mean salty “Brown salt said so they both jumped out of the battle bus and landed  brown house and got a sub machine gun and melted the walls.After a few fights they realized they were in the top two the last other players were on a mountain.Greasy Giraffe killed one.Then the last one fell of a cliff.They won and they both started dancing and screaming they were so happy then they started playing again .Amazing victory royale

The Giraffe Network By Isaac B

“Hello and welcome back to the giraffe network.”I’m your host Terry white,” Terry said.”At the national hall of science, a very dangerous experiment is being conducted”.”Here’s Bill at the hall.” “Hello everyone,” Bill said into the microphone. “We today are mixing radioactive salt with boiling hot lava.” The experiment began. “Oh No!” Bill shouted. “It’s turning into a greasy brown colour!”  “That’s not supposed to happen!” said another scientist. “More news at nine,” Bill said.


“Welcome back!,”  said Terry. “We have a story about a rampaging child who’s ice-cream melted.” “Thank you for watching, and Good Night!”

(Insert the Commercial Break)

Has it melted? By Ellie

One dull, rainy Friday morning, two kids were walking around in the zoo, when they came across the giraffe exhibit. “HA! Look at that greasy brown disgusting looking thing!” One of the boys shouted. All of a sudden, the clouds vanished and the sun peaked through. “THE GIRAFFE HAS MELTED” one of the boys shouted in absolute terror. “Is that chocolate?” the boy said again, looking at the melted giraffe. Both both the boys looked at each pother and giggled. “LETS EAT!” they both screamed and ran to the melted giraffe. The first boy tried some. ” Oh god” he mumbled

Mummy Giraffe.. by Zita

Mother was looking at herself in the mirror, for the fourth time today..  “Go make me a cuppa’ you brat!” she yelled. “Ok” I said as I slumped away. “I’m going to make this the most diabolical tea she’s ever tasted!” I thought to myself. I put in old milk, some greasy oil from our stove, even an entire jar of salt! I melted my concoction in a large jug and poured the nasty brown liquid into a cup. I went into the other room where she grabbed the tea and sipped. Her neck began to grow and spots were appearing, she was a giraffe!

Gerald Giraffe ~ By Lucy S

One rainy evening, Lucy was doing her 100 Word Challenge… But she couldn’t think of anything to do it on!

Lucy had let out a gasp when she heard stomping, a giant giraffe came trotting in! “Hi! I’m Gerald, the brown, greasy giraffe!” spoke Gerald. “Uh, what are you doing here??” Lucy asked. “I heard you needed a 100 Word Challenge idea? Eat this magical popcorn!” he demanded. “Sorry, Gerald! I don’t like popcorn with salt and melted butter!…” Lucy said, softly. “Oh, well I’ll just help you think of an idea then! What’s the prompt?” asked Gerald. “Salt, brown, greasy, giraffe and melted!”

Africa By Finn

“Yo are you in Africa,”said Ryan.”Yeah”,  said Finn. When Finn and Ryan put down their phones they bumped in to eachother. “Yo”, said Ryan. “Hi”, said Finn.”Wanna go see the greasy giraffe”? Said Ryan.”Naaaaa I’m going to get some brown salt melted ice-cream,”said Finn. Ryan turned around. “YAAAAAAARARARRAR!!!” said Finn.”FIIINNNNSS a giraffe”, said Ryan.”Feed me,”shouted Finn.” Okkkkayyy you don’t need to shout,”shouted Ryan.”Here have my juicy greasy ice-cream!”said Ryan. Thanks bruv your da best,”said Finn. Ryan turned around , then turned back around and Finn was back again. Ryan was very happy to see Finn again. Ryan never turned back again.

The Giraffe Café by Lucy C

“Hello!” I said to the waiter. “I’m starving, can I have your finest food please!”

“Sure thing!” he said.”It’ll be two minutes!” I was wondering what good food could be made in two minutes, but it came before I could ask. “Here you go!” said the waiter.

“Excuse me, what is this!?” I asked. “It’s giraffe!” he said. I wasn’t going to eat it, so I looked for something else edible. “Can I have the melted chocolate and salt alone, please?” I said. “No, it’s brown chocolate and white salt!” he said. “Okay then, I’ll just eat the greasy giraffe…”

The Greasy Giraffe And Brown Melted Salt By Caelan

Once there was a young animal named Senan. Senan was in his car on his way to the supermarket he needed salt,bread,eggs and milk. He got out of his car and entered the shop. Now Inever explained Senan properly, he was this big greasy giraffe who could talk. When he got the things he needed from the shop he went home. He was about to make his breakfast and saw this brown melted salt. “What”! Senan said but Senan slipped because he was so greasy and put the salt into the kettle and the salt was a diamond. The End.

Sweet or Sour?~By MyriamAziza

I went over to a Fish’n’Chips place in the Zoo and asked for chips, but the lady asked “Sweet or sour?” What a bizarre question to ask? I obviously said salty. Then I went over to look at the giraffes, but for some reason they were fully brown. The second I took a bite of my chip, I spat it out, it was greasy. It tasted awful, so I went around to look for water, I finally found a fountain, filled my glass with lots of ice.I went to a nearby bench, but the ice had already melted.