You are joking……right? By Maaike

Hi, my name is Amber. I like movies, books and PLAYDOUGH!! Yeah, I know what your thinking. Playdough??? Well.. I am ADDICTED to the spell of Playdough. It is just so nice.

Well one day, I went to Smyth’s to get some Playdough and I got this limited edition, sparkly, scented Playdough cup. It was €12!! When I opened the Playdough it was not limited edition sparkly scented. It was just pink, plain pink. I was so disappointed that I screamed at the top of my lungs “WHYYYYYYY, GODS OF PLAYDOUGH!!” That’s why I am hated by Smyth’s. Oof!!

The trick -By Sophia

My sister Eva Gibbs is a complete nightmare. Yesterday, she had taken my teddy and painted it. I told mum, and she didn’t care! My other three year old sister Hope said ‘I don’t like it! But it was the wrong colour today!’ when she ripped it’s HEAD off! I had ENOUGH of Hope and Eva. BAM! It hit me just like that. I would play a prank on them. A bucket of water on the top part on the door. Replacing their toothpaste with mayonnaise, so I ran back to my room, and waited for the plan to unfold…

My T-Shirt By Caelan

On Saturday morning I had a football match against Arklow. But this  game was very important it was a cup final so I had to be very good. I was getting my kit on but it is the wrong colour I was fuming that my kit was not pink it was yellow. My Mum was secretly pranking me by giving me the wrong kit. I went down to her and asked her what was wrong she said ha you just got pranked and started laughing. So she gave me my actual kit and we went to the football match.The End.


the marshmallow by Joshua

I was in my room and I had a howl  bag of marshmallow  but I opend the bag  I sisters james charlls said in the back round hi sisers and i ran it was a nite mare  the mashmellow it was the wrong colour   it was  black and i was in trubel  i ran to the door and a monster was behinde me i ran and ran the monster graded ma i kiked it of me and ran the door was rite there and clap clap clap the monster tirned  in to  james carlls i was a goner  the end

Painting by matthew

On Sunday I decided to paint a picture, but I didn’t have any paint. So I went to the shop to buy some. When I got to the shop I didn’t know where the paint was so I asked someone where the paint was, they said it was near the hammers. So I went to the hammers and found the paint, but it was the wrong colour. So I went to the other shop and found the right paint. I walked home and started painting, I was going to paint some mountains. The painting took half an hour to complete.


One afternoon in the summer I was inside drawing as usesal. But when I was getting the crayon, it was the wrong colour. I was looking for the yellow. I checked the house going up and down the stairs, I fell four times. I went to the garden nothing. Where was it. I was loosing all hope when I found a yellow crayon. YAY. I looked at the crayon it was highlight noooooooo. When I went back to my drawing the sun was already coloured. WHAT. There the crayon was on the table. Was I dreaming or what.  



Spoiled By Senan

Hi My name is Mike, and I’m the son of a celebrity. My mum is a multi- trillion-are. As you can guess, my mum makes billion a week I’m pretty spoiled. Its always give me this, and give me that, so my mum gets me them But day my mum said she had a surprise for me. She brought me out to the massive garden and made me close my eyes. When she said I could open them I a blue Ferrari with heated seats but then I started wailing, It was the wrong color! And that’s my story

Wrong colour Ryan

It was Christmas and all I wanted was a new blue PlayStation controller. Christmas morning came I unwrapped the box I was so excited that I could finally play with my friends and find out all the cool things they got. ‘Thank you mum, but it is the wrong colour,’ its camo blue even better than I was expecting. Turns out the colour of things don’t matter if they do the exact same thing. Except for bananas I would never eat a brown banana, well unless it is in my mum’s banana bread.

The Wrong Paint by Oscar

One day i was with my mum and we where going to the paint shop to get my paint for my room. I was really exited because i had never painted my room before and the colour that it is is pink so I dont like it at all. So when we got there all I saw was buckets of paint in lots of diffrent colours I saw my favourite straight a way it was an aqau type of blue when I took it home I opened when I saw it I shouted “it is the wrong colour”. The End

When you’re too spoiled By Nicky

One day my friend told me that her sister’s friend is very spoiled and her dad is rich.On her birthday she acts like she owns the world and that she is so cool but in reality she’s just really really spoiled.He told me that on her birthday she wanted a blue Tesla but she got a red one.Then she started screaming at her dad saying “I hate it!!!.”The dad then said “but I got you what you wanted”.”But its the wrong colour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that day her dad brought the Tesla back to the car store and didn’t get her anything.