Love is Stupid – By Frances

”Skye is a sweet kid…  She doesn’t deserve all this, she never has and never will…”

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Maybe she did?  Maybe I don’t know the whole story, or maybe I do, would it even matter any more?

I mean I could do this, could I not?  How?  Why?  When?  But I didn’t understand the instructions in the first place, so why would she pick me?

I thought love was supposed to take the leverage off of everything, but it’s only made it worse!  I don’t want to lose her, but Skye is so innocent… 

Uni-pega-pig by Hana

There it was the Uni-pega-pig ,drinking from the pink lake. It was a beautiful illuminous pink with a glittery horn and wings. I moved and suddenly it looked at me it ran towards me and strangely jumped on me and sat on my head. It sat there for a while and then I realised a gooey sensation on my hair I put my hand on my head and there was a rainbow liquid on my hand it smelt just like freshly baked dohnuts. I realised that this was POO! Then it flew away I wondered if I would see it again.

The Mythical Creatures by Ellis

In a land of mythical creatures, well……. weird animals from the future such as, Loogles, Woy’s and Macs and much more. One time there was a Loogle and a Woy who had a lot in common food tastes and fur colour. Thinking they were the same species they mated and made a new species. They had a baby but not just one; three!! When the babies were born they all had their own powers. The first one could create a pink lake whenever he wanted, the second, a fire desert, the third, an animal hospital. The three babies destroyed the earth in only six days and lived happily ever after.

underwater tigers by Hannah

Under the depths of the purple lake lives a tiger, a underwater tiger. The fur is water proof and instead of whiskers they have gills. They are very kind creatures, they eat the moss off the rocks. The moss gives them the color of there fur, which is blue. People around the hunt them for there fur and for food so they are  in danger of extinction. they are about the size of a terrier so big fish are their praetors.

Glistening, by Lana

I walked down the long corridor examining each and every one of the animals in The Fire Desert Animal Hospital. My first patient was a giraffe who got his leg stuck in some barbed wire. Since the war broke out so many animals wound up in the hospital that we had to move them across the country to a different medical clinic.

While I was walking down the last ward something caught my eye. It was what seemed to be a beautiful orange seahorse with stunning rainbow wings that glistened in the light. This was my best find yet, definitely.

the pink lake- zara

I was walking in the dark forest one evening. And I saw something glimmering and shining through the narrow trees. So I walked slowly with my heavy back pack dangling around my arms. As I got closer, I could have sworn that I saw a PINK lake. And when I squeezed through the last tree, I DID see a pink lake. It was calling me, like the moon calling the wolf.  I kneeled down and poked my head in. And saw a reflection of my long lost parents hiding behind a wall with me in their arms hiding from something.

Hippingo breaks the record – Ishitha


A Hippingo, which is a Hippo crossed with a Flamingo, has been spotted bathing in a very pink lake! Scientists think this is a new generation of animals. They are now trying to find other animals common to this species. This probably is the most rarest species we have found in 1,896 years. Oh yeah, 1,896 years ago we had found a Thino, which is a tiger crossed with a rhino, in a fire desert. After that this is the only mind-boggling thing so far in history. Well that’s it for today. LIVE! from Fox news. Reported by Emma Monroe!!!

The Fire Eagle – Olivia

In the fire desert, the fire eagle rules over everything. He has the longest wingspan in the world. He has beautiful golden wings. He has eyes like raging fire. I love him so much.

He flies over the whole desert and makes sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do. Like the lion hunts the gazelles, so the gazelles don’t overgraze.

When he flies in the sky, a trail of fire burns behind him, because he’s made of fire. Even though he doesn’t look like he is made of fire – he is. And he is king of the desert.

The Panther of the Fire Desert by Lorcan

The Panther of the Fire Desert is a magical animal that’s able to control, along with teleport, in shadows. Although in the Fire Desert there are no shadows so how he does it nobody knows.  Usual prey are the penguins of the Pink Lake which are basically normal penguins that live in the Pink Lake. Though he also preys on lots of other animals such as the Giraffe of the Fire Desert. His teeth are sharp like knives and his reflexes are as fast as lightning so he is great at hunting and would have the advantage in a fight.

Hidden secrets by Olivia J

Have you heard of The whispering woods? Does it sound like a place where you can while away hours? I don’t think so! It may seem pleasant but inside is a dark, dark  secret. Inside lurks a monster with sharp claws and teeth. It preys on men and women of all sizes. Glowing red eyes in the dense foliage is a sign that you ought to run. There is no chance of escape. Five seconds and you’ll be dead before you even know what was after you. You’ll just end up like the others and never, ever come back again.