It’s too late now, by Lana

But I didn’t understand the instructions.

Well it’s too late now

I was sitting in my room brushing my dolls hair when there was a boom outside. Then came the second. Suddenly my mum came running upstairs, almost tripping over her dress, she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my room, along with my brother. She took us downstairs and outside into the misty day. My dad was outside, trying to look fierce but, scared inside. My mum always said he looked great in uniform but I think maybe not. Suddenly he started started shouting out instructions to us.

A telephone pole By Katie

“Help!” I shouted from above with no clue where I was and how I got there. A pole a telephone pole in an empty desert along with a narrow road. The road was deserted apart from a small car which yielded at my cry for help. A  woman climbed out of the  car shouting to me in another language Spanish as I guessed. “Permanecer alli” she said I didn’t understand the instructions so I stood up slowly, waited a minute or two then started climbing down the telephone pole in the middle of a desert. Maybe I was in Spain?

Do NOT press. By Ellis

Do NOT press the red button or a VERY bad thing will happen. so……. what button again? THE RED!! i have to press the red button, but when? No, I said do NOT press it. I am going to leave and I’m trusting you to NOT press it. Slamming the door behind him. The assistant who was told not to press the button, well he kinda……… pressed it. A big black rocket shaped thing fell from out of space, it landed around the East area of New Zealand. Mr Boss walked in struggling to understand how he didn’t understand instructions.

Saying Goodbye by Cait

I was going to be free. After all that time. I felt sad I was leaving. When they set me outside, they told me to go but I didn’t understand the insruction. They shooed me but  I didnt go.”flap” Eileen came running. ” be careful, try not to hurt your wing again. `kay.” I cooed at her. I wanted to leave but I thought “that was my home”.  I flew back again and again. They tried again and again. They just couldnt make me leave. Little did I know about the cat that was behind me. Watching my every move. To late………………. 

A Bad Drive -Olivia W

But I didn’t understand the instructions, I spent ages looking for the manual and now I don’t understand it! If  only the pie eating driver  didn’t pass out. I am the last one on the bus except a boy in my year, but I didn’t think he was going to be much help. While I was looking for the manual he was trying to drive the bus so we wouldn’t crash. When I found it I read every page and nothing,nothing at all went in to my brain. Then everything went dizzy and nothing stayed still,we crashed…

a gaming day by kamil

Once upon a time there was a boy named Kamil. he ordered a super desk which can hold a cup holder. After 2 weeks it came in the mail. He opened the box and he took the instruction out but he didn’t  understand them. But still he built the desk correctly with out the instruction. Finally he inserted the  laptop and cameras and started recording his first Fortnite video. Later he saw a gaming chair for £120, he ordered the gaming chair, now he is a proper gamer. His second video was Roblox, after 21 min he was done for the day, bye.

Running Wild by Olivia J

”Get down, now!,” yelled the instructor, her brown hair whipping in the wind. She yelled again, but I didn’t  understand the instructions. Spirit tossed his head and took off. He bucked, making the fence wobble. I pulled the reins, but instead of stopping, Spirit leapt straight over the fence and out into the yard. He neighed loudly. Suddenly Spirit went down on his knees. I had just jumped off Spirit when, CRUNCH, he rolled on top of his saddle. Just as Spirit got to his feet, I slipped a head-collar over his head. ”Spirit,” I scolded, ”Don’t do that”.

Dora – Science class

” It’s the start of the year. So I thought we could start of with a big …. HONK ” Mr. Davies squeezed a rubber chicken. Everyone started laughing  I was in a shock. ” We are going to make an exploding snap potion.” Mr. Davies shouted over the crowd. I have written the  instructions down. I had no clue at all, NO  embarrassment for today. 15 minutes later everyone’s mix was thick, red and bubbly. Mine looked the complete opposite. It was green, thin and soupy like. Suddenly my table erupted into a fire. My table started burning. I’m sorry, didn’t understand the instructions.


Homeless Meallan

The rain dripped down my face along my cheekbone and onto my collarbone. It seeped down my back sending shivers through my body. I seemed to have rolled off my step out from under the only bit of cover sheltering me from the rain. My skin was burning with the cold. A shadow came over me and shouted something at me, but I didn’t understand the instruction. He wielded some sort of metal bat. I raised my hand but it provided no protection for my head. The bat hit me clean across the temple and knocked me black out cold.

Stella & Anchor -Rebecca

“Does everyone understand?” Anchor yelled. Everyone mumbled a quick and quiet yes. “Good, then you may begin!” said Anchor. “Hey!” I yell after him. “I don’t understand!” But he was already walking away, heading further and further into the woods. “Come on, let’s go!” My friend Stella calls out. But I didn’t understand the instructions. Great, just great I’m stranded in the middle of the beach with only my friend Stella for company. I don’t mean to be nasty but she’s a bit silly sometimes, so she won’t be much help. What I’m trying to say is that were doomed.