Danger by Olivia J

The sky was misty, smoke billowed from a recently exploded shell. All around lay bodies of men I once knew, their crimson blood staining the scarred land. A head rose, staring with terrified eyes. “Help”, he shouted, frantically, before falling silent. I looked up, only to realise that I was in grave danger. A shell was heading straight for me, its tip glittering silver in the daylight. Instantly I turned and ran. The ground was thick with mud and lined with barbed wire leading to explosives. Guns fired behind me, as I wished I was out of this terrible nightmare.

The Worst Day Ever By Rowan# Week 29

It was a hard life in the Trenches it was wet soggy and muddy. I always was thinking about my life back in Ireland with my wife and my wonderful kids. It was always very misty in the battle field. I’m always dreaming that when I come home everyone will be throwing lovely crimson red flowers at us. I always feel like my ear-drums are going to burst because I always people shouting frantically to fire. I hope when I come back I will die happily with a grave of my own. Tell the kids I said hi from Tom…

the blade- By Ellis.

Nert, a young and  very intelligent child is found no were else but his attic because he is scared of interacting with other people. Nert  looked out the window but all he could see was a misty fog. A man walked closer, he was wearing a crimson jacket and was very pale which made Nert feel as if he came from a grave. Frantically, he walked towards the door of the mansion. Nert saw a blade in the stranger’s back pocket so he hid under his covers but before he could hide he heard a shout of death coming from downstairs.


The last thing I remember was frantically running in a misty graveyard. A man was running after me. His skin was crimson red and his voice was raspy. He shouted at me “You will not live to see the sun tomorrow boy!” I did not stop to reply. I had heard about this guy before. He dug his way out of his grave and started to eat children. I did not believe that he was real but I do believe now. After a while the man stopped to catch his breath and when I looked back he was not there…

Avenging Jake by Cait

“Jake, I’m so sorry.” I said, the feeling of guilt curling in the pit of my stomach. I knew it was my fault that I hadn’t gone with them. That night, since I couldn’t sleep, I crept out of the camp. It was misty, which made the danger even more grave, but I knew those vicious raptors HAD to pay. They saw me there and this time, they weren’t holding back. I shouted frantically as they lashed at my arm, now crimson. The pain was excruciating. Then everything went black, and I heard Jake’s voice say,” Cory! Get up, please!”

Flanders Field, Ellie!

I walked through the crimson poppies. It was a beautiful place, though terrible things had happened there. Poor soldiers who had given their lives to save their country. I could imagine the rows upon rows of grave, terrified faces, frantically fighting through a misty veil of pain and sorrow. So terrible to have orders shouted from all sides. I heard larks singing in the trees and thought, as I saw the chorusing birds high in the sky; ‘How could these horrible things have happened in a place so pretty?’ I watched as the petals flew, like blood, through the air…


Crimson – Rebecca

”Crimson” Indigo shouts. ”Come look at this!” I slowly walk towards her, wondering why she needs me. When I reach her I see it, a misty dark fog descending over the woods. ”What is that?” I say.  ”I don’t know…” Indigo answers with a grave expression on her face. ”Whatever it is though, we need to warn Blue.”

”Blue…” I whisper, the words taste like sweet honey on my tongue. ”We need to find him!” I frantically yell, screaming at Indigo. ”I need him, you need him…” I whisper, my words echoing in the darkness. ”I miss him…” I mumble.

Misty! – By Frances

I shouted her name frantically, ”Misty!” I called out. ”Where are you?”              The sky was now a dark crimson and the clouds were closing in…               ”Veronica!” A voice stretched from the trees. ”Misty?”  I answered. ”Veronica?” It was Misty! As she ran out of the trees we embraced each other with open arms. ”I was starting to think you hadn’t made it…” I said with a frown. ”So what? I can’t fend for myself now? I was just at the graves looking for Kevin!”  she yelled.                                                                                                                                      ”Misty he might be…” I began. ”Gone? NO! He can’t be!” She interrupted.

The Wolves -Rebecca

I run as fast as I can, racing through streams and fallen branches. I can hear the wolves behind me, chasing me. They’re catching up on me just a few meters away. I suddenly slow to a stop. There in front of me are a pair of giant legs. There’s no body or head just legs. I can still hear the wolves howling in the distance, but they’re further away now. I’ve never felt so alone. I can’t even hear myself breathing, just the sound of a rushing stream. I’m scared out of my mind. I hear the legs move!



a perfect day at school by kamil

once there were two kids named han and kamil they were late for school again altought they ran fast they were 5 min late and it was friday and they had a test.  later they got an a plus so later their principal she said”im impressed you two got an a+ so you can go home early.