Loopy Love – By Frances

His hair was yellow and shiny, sometimes it even looked like the glimmering sun. He left me feeling dizzy and hopeless… Butterflies would rise to my stomach every time I thought of him. Some days I would find myself thinking, ”He’s too thin,” or  ”His legs are to tiny.” But really that was just a distraction from thoughts like, ”I love you,” flooding through my head.

Sadly his decision was clear, for I was a simple golden retriever and he was an all mighty labrador. There would be no place for me in his life. That was until now…

Apples, JJ

I’m unable to move as I slowly feel my mind drift back into consciousness. My eyes feel tight and sore as they flutter open. My  whole body aches. I’m sick of this. When will I get out of my mind? He’s trapped me here. I look around me as I groggily sit myself up. There’s that familiar darkness. But there’s something different. A giant teacup, the edge submerged in the ground, seeping out like spilled tea. I hear faint laboured breathing. The Shadow. I could almost hear the blood and saliva dripping from its jagged knife-like  teeth. ‘Run or hide…….?’

Bang! Crash! by Lana

Bang! Crash! They were falling from the sky, trapping innocent people. Know one knew where they were coming from, but they were trouble. “Amy, where are you? I’m scared, i’m trapped under a giant teacup!” “Emily is that that you, thank god I…….. AAAHHH!” A huge thump shook  the land and before Emily could turn around something grabbed her. ” Help me Amy, don’t let it take meee!”I shouted at the top of my voice. It was an old rotten giant that took me. It grinned a horrible grin, braced itself and all of a sudden leapt high into the clouds.

Meallan’s 100wc

Another one of those boring days where your boring parents watch boring news, returning from the bathroom to the living room I heard  news that was definitely not boring. “NASA space centre report a giant, china tea cup is soaring through the air”. Without hesitation I tried to rush outside. There seemed to be something blocking the door. Diving out the kitchen window I discovered not only a giant tea cup but minuscule people with ginormous top hats. Shuffling over, unsure whether to be scared or bewildered. The tiniest man hit the big red button that should never be hit…..

Cup Mystery! By Rowan

Suddenly I heard a bang. There was a massive tea-cup in the ground! ‘What!’ asked Kai. Why is there is a massive tea-cup in the ground.”How did it get here,” said Kai. “I dont’t know,” said Kim. “Well let’s stay away from it we don’t know what it is,” said Kai. “No,” said Kim,”let’s investigate”. “Ok,” said Kai. “First things first we got to find who own’s it” said Kim. .”Well it can’t be anyone around here we are all to small for the cup”. “Fair point said Kim”. “So who’s can it possibly be who’s who’s is it”!

The cup by Ellis

1669 “Captain, Captain!” The commander shouted with fear. “What is it Deco?!” said the captain. “the ship has 6% fuel!!!!!!” “GOOD GRIEF!!”               Life is hard in the g, c, t, a, h, 7, %, f. It stands for giant, cup, that, always ,has, 7, %, fuel. “NOW 5!!” “NOW 4!!” “NOW 3, 2, 1. But before he could even get on his para shoot, BOOM, BANG, CRASH! The cup crashed with no survivors left. Not one thing left but the big lost cup. Many many years later it is 1814 and people think they know everything about it because they studied non true research. for example they think its called mother ship 2000.

The Bang by Freya

There was a bang! and I felt a shake in the ground. All of a sudden the grass shot up like a rocket and my doll’s teacup looked like the moon. It was so big. I froze in shock at what had just happened. I looked around the garden to see my football the size of a table. The deck chairs were like big trees and my house was like a mansion. I suddenly heard thumps coming from behind me, I turned around to my cat staring at me… was it going to eat me?



A happily ever after by Dora

“Merry Christmas” said Alice excitedly. Cheshire unravelled  his humongous present. It was round with flower patterns around the side.”It’s a teacup house!” Cheshire’s face lit up. Suddenly he scrambled in and looked around, it looked  deserted but something caught his eye. A rusty looking  box,  BANG. A puff of pink smoke evaporated. There hidden in the smoke was a purple egg with magenta specks. It gradually started cracking. “Oh no” Cheshire shouted . Alice and Cheshire kept an eye on it. The next day a rainbow bird awaited them.” You come to your luck in this house, you may live happily”.

The magical cake By Olivia o_o

Once upon a time, a fairy went to a big castle the size of a mountain. She went inside and saw some cakes in a box. The box said “take me.”So she took it and ran out side and ate a cake. Then she grew so tall and lost her wings. She had lodes of fun being big. She found an old tea set and played tea parties with some teddy bears that she found. She was scooping up a pile of dirt with a tea cup when she shrunk back down to normal and the cup got stuck there.

Somewhere to Sleep – By Rebecca

As I slowly open my eyes, I tilt my head upwards so I’m looking at the deep blue sky. Everything looks normal so far. The sky is blue, the clouds are white. I quickly scramble to my feet, the soles of my shoes slowly sinking into the soft mud. Soon it will be night. I need to find somewhere to sleep. I look around me. I can see trees, very tall trees and what looks like a giant teacup. I run towards the cup. It’s perfect, I could easily sleep in there. It’s huge, then I realised I had shrunk.