The Monster by Donncha

I had been running for a long time and I was out of breath. I thought I lost the monster but it was right behind me. The monster looked like it only had legs and no body! I was really scared and I thought I might not make it out of the forest in time. I started to think that there might be more than one of them. I started to run again even though I didn’t have an ounce of energy left in me. I stopped to catch my breath, and then I saw it, it had got me!

Big Wooden Legs By Luca

‘This must be what that crashing noise earlier was!’ said Jamie. I was almost sure he was right but we could not yet be certain. The legs were GINORMOUS! It was when we were playing video games that we heard an earsplitting noise. We thought it was a cat having a fight with a dog but we thought that was unlikely.  When we went to see what it was we saw two massive wooden legs leaning against a tree in our garden! It was then the legs started standing up! The last thing I remembered was the foot raising up…

Tree Hannah

Day after day the tree sits. He watches the leaves fall to the damp forest floor. The snow falls on to his branches. The beautiful flowers bloom and the leaves grow. and the sunlight glows for hours. He watches the bunnies hop past him every morning and the owls fly past him at night but he has never seen a human. He waits every day to just see one but never even a glimpse. Then finally he saw a red jacket, then jeans,then a human! He wished he could talk but he is a tree. His life was complete

2 legs Katie

Jack struggled out of the crowd into the open. “JACK!”Owen yelled from across the wild crowd, Owen was pushed through the crowd all the way over to Jack, crashing into him as he came. Jack toppled off the edge of the building saying a poem as he fell;       I’m falling off a building only a tree down below,  my best friend has pushed me by accident as you know, I could break my back or my legs for all you know, my top half could fall off my legs.                         

Owen got to the grass, all he found were two legs.

Have You Seen My Legs by FREYA

Have you seen my legs? I lost them eating eggs They’re big and brown without them I’m down so have you seen my legs?   My legs are big and long you could even say they’re strong . They’re big and great and I’m never late when I have my legs. I’m getting really sad now I miss them very much, I think I might just give up and go and have some lunch. OH WAIT hold on I think I had them this whole time well that was a waste of this rhyme. Thank you for listening . Come back next time.

Consciousness, JJ

Muffled voices echo around me. These experiments need to stop. I feel them tugging my wrists. I gasp as they pull me above the water. The last image I saw was a tree, two man-made wooden legs kneeling in between the knees, before I’m conscious again. “What are you doing?” He yells, shaking me. My eyes are closed. I want to stop. ” You want to ruin everything?”He forced me down beside the water, I’m done trying to stop him. I’m too weak “Electroconvulsive.” He murmurs. Two Pieces of metal are attached to my temples. I tremble in fear. “Full power.”

The poor old giant -Grace Doyle

A giant has lost his legs                                                                                                          They’re big and large and look like pegs                                                                            If you see them give him a call                                                                                            He’d do anything for them, anything at all!                                                                  Please help him out                                                                                                                He’s in a lot of doubt                                                                                                                He can’t do it on his own                                                                                                        Wait a minute, OH NO!!!                                                                                                        Now he’s lost his wooden arms                                                                                          He needs them to care for his farms                                                                                  Now the giant has lost his head!                                                                                            A break he should have took instead!                                                                                  Now he is all over the place                                                                                                      One of his arms is even in Space!                                                                                           The poor disembodied old giant!

The Woods By Rowan

I was walking through the woods and I kept hearing someone say my name. A little while later the girl named Sophia kept hearing the strange voice inside her head. The reason Sophia is in the woods because she is upset because her house burned down and her parents died sadly. It was turning night time and Sophia had nowhere to sleep so she found a nice big tree to sleep underneath it. When Sophia woke up she walked a bit further into the woods then she saw the most weirdest thing in her life she saw some legs errrr.

Zombie apocalypse- Zara

Katie was panting, her heart was pounding. she hid behind a wall bending down with her gun in hands. “i’ve survived this far, i cant give up now” Katie screamed to herself in her head. should she hide or should she run?” i think i should hide here for now”. whispered Katie. just then the door creaked open and carefully Katie peered her eyes around the wall. there was no one there, Katie’s heart was beating more faster with the possibility  of a zombie being near her. i think i should run, she whispered. but as she walked she saw…….

The Land Of The Lost -Ishitha!!!!

“Have you heard of the poem called The Land Of The Lost”asked Gabriela. “No I haven’t but Ella said its good,”answered Mia. “Well I know six or so lines do you wanna here it?” said Gabriela. “Sure thing” said Gabriela kindly.

In the land of the lost,                                                                                                                Lots of things just get tossed                                                                                                  From all over the world                                                                                                              Including straight and curled                                                                                                  From wooden legs to pegs                                                                                                        Or hairy heads to beds                                                                                                          That’s all I know but it sounds amazing do you not feel like going there?” recited Gabriela. Mia then replied “Well duh!!! of course I do”. Just then………