Running Meallan

Cold, dark, soaked. many other feelings rushed around my body but those three stood out. There is a cold dark sensation rushing over me. I am scared not for myself but for the others. They had no idea. I tried to reach out, to tell them but it is useless. I was clearly a figment of my own imagination. The frustration pulsed through me, I was annoyed but at no-one just annoyed. I screamed and screamed but no sound or movement occurred. I was simply not there, but it was. Although they ran quickly they did not make enough progress.

Run… by sherab

Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress…

Hi  I’m Jack Sandler, I’m TRYING to run a marathon. I live in a small town called Gretsmall, its a nice little town cute even. It’s quiet sunny, basically perfect, but for some reason people have been avoiding me. I’m the kind of person who HATES that kind of thing. But one day something really weird happened.

“Man it’s dark outside… But still gotta go to school” I was walking the same route through the back ally . I heard a  noise in front of me ” That’s weird no one… AHHHHHhhhh…


On  Friday night I was getting ready for bed. Looking out my bedroom bed room window, I saw a massive aeroplane flying really low to the ground, flying in this direction. My mum saw me stare out the window and told me to go to bed. In bed, I tried to sleep but I was not able. I got out of bed not daring to make a sound. Suddenly, my mum came into the room and said we had to go. I ran outside, my parents were running as well, although we ran quickly we did not make any progress.

The little fish. By Ellis.

“OISIN!” Oisin was a young little boy that looked like a tiny fish. it describes him very well actually, because when you go near him he runs, if you be loud he runs and he always zigzags when he walks so………. he’s pretty weird. “IM COMING, SO DON’T RUN OR ELSE!!!” Oisin was VERY scared so he ended up jumping out the window and broke all his nimble fingers. He ran until  some one slowly approached him asking did he need some help. Oisin started to run but the person was faster than him so although he ran quickly, he wasn’t making enough progress.

the amazing idea #27 by Katie

“Hey, Jack!”Oscar yelled from across the street. After crossing the road Oscar informed Jack on his amazing scientific idea he just had, Jack thought it was truly awesome. The scientific idea was…to connect a string to Jack/Oscars waist then run super was that the string, which would be wrapped around something high, would break and the watermelon, which would be hanging from the other end of the rope up high, would fall and smash to the ground. One problem about the plan was, neither of them were fast, but, although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress.


…Beep Beep Beep the timer was beeping and we were losing her,  And although we ran quickly we were not making enough progress. It was a mess in the operation room there was scalpels on the floor  and masks everywhere the surgeon  was telling us to do this and do that and it was all a panic. The beeps were getting faster and time was speeding up. It felt like at any moment we would lose her. I tried to go as fast as I could so we would not lose her when all of a sudden beeeeeeeep silence…


Running GP

Skyler and Faith were walking over to the track to go warm up for training for the running race. They had been waiting for  years for this race, it was to make sure they would get into the Olympics. They finally got there and started running around the track. They had to stay there for 4 hours, they heard their coach saying “Although they ran quickly they’re still not making enough progress. The girls looked at each other in panic thinking about how hard they worked. Then started running around the track once more but Skyler tripped and could not move…….

‘The idea’ by Lene

The day that their teacher had announced that they had to create a performance for the whole school was the day Clara had waited for. Clara thought and thought but she just couldn’t come up with an idea. On the way home Clara saw a poster with a clown on it, and then it hit her. Her class  should do a magic performance. The next day she told her class her idea, her class loved her idea. They worked as hard as they could but Clara had the feeling that although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress …

So close but yet so far (Rian)

There was a family run.  The first to run to the top and back down would win the medal and 100 euro prize.  The O’Conors family wanted to sign up to win the money so they could go for a family dinner. They trained in the local park every evening and were excited when the day of the race arrived “On your marks get set go!” They were making really good progress until the mum tripped and they had to help her up. Then they were trying to catch up. Although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress.

The Goldfish Diary by Olivia

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, so he brought out the pins and poked their bums to make them run faster, it was horrible, they were screaming their heads off.   They had to generate enough electricity to power a lightbulb. The guinea pigs looked absolutely exhausted. From my point of view (in my fish tank) it was just a boy who was torturing the poor things. Actually, now that I look closer, it looks like there is a person judging it, which seems a bit odd. But what does it matter, I’m just a goldfish.