The chair. By Ellis

Once there was big chair that was ditched in the middle of the forest. nobody knew about it until this one very imaginative kid named graham came into the big green  mossy forest and found a chair just sitting there with no purpose. The boy dint studder once he thought of the best idea EVER!!!! He started departing the chair so he could make a TREE WITH LEGS!! as soon  he was done he stood up and was called by his parents. the next day he went back but the chair wasnt there but something else was. THE TREE WITH LEGS!!


I ran further into the woods. My heart pounding, my palms sweating and my cheeks as red as roses. The noise it wouldn’t end. Loud banging,crashing and cracking all around me. Trees falling, what could cause this much destruction? Suddenly I heard the soothing sound of silence. My ears were aching but that was okay. It started again and it sounded like it was coming towards me. It stopped and there it was before me two tall wooden legs. I said to it “What are you and why are you here?” Everything was silent, of course he cant talk.                                                                                                                                                                              END

Legs Meallan

The rain pummeled violently against the black sheet umbrella I have raised over my head. The cold blackness makes me slump down against the most comfortable tree. The rain wakes me. As I stand I lean against the tree I had slept against but it is smooth and free of bark and ivy. My curiosity pulls my head up to look at the tree. In that second of a glimpse I see two tall wooden legs before the screen turns black and I am asleep again. This sleep wasn’t natural but forced but forced by brute force, a metal bat.

The school tour-Dora

The thumping was getting louder and louder. “Aah” Carmelia screamed. I saw people getting squished out of the corner of my eye. Sunny was hanging onto Violet’s hair. Violet’s hair was flowing up and down but Sunny nor Violet did not care. Let’s say Sunny was a very peculiar baby, she had the strong bite of tiger but the poker talent of a 67 year old gamble. Claus saw the giant legs getting closer by the minute. It was like a time jumping ruler, the gigantic legs were jumping 5cm at a time. But the Baudelaire family ran on track until ….





Strange Wooden Legs by Lorcan

Jake was walking in the forest trying to find somewhere to make his tree house. He saw it, the tree, the perfect tree. But there was one problem there seemed to be two big wooden legs were attached to it . He quickly ran home to tell his dad. “Dad, there are two big legs attached to the tree I want to use for my tree house” he said. “Really let me see” his dad said. Jake took his dad to the tree that had the legs but this time the legs weren’t attached  to the tree they were attached to a body…

The Wish by Grace P

“Jack” shouted his mum. Jack was panting from being chased by mean bullies through the forest. When the coast was clear, he sat down on an old tree stump to catch his breath. Mum found him staring up through the tall, leafy trees at the blue sky. His mum knew he loved this forest “Thought I’d find you here, everything okay?” Jack nodded, he didn’t want his mum to worry about him. “I used to sit here when I was your age, daydreaming about fairies and giants  and wishing about lots of things.” Patting him on the back she told Jack to come in soon and walked home. Jack said “ I wish to be a giant so I could face those bullies all of a sudden he felt very strange …

My last Breaths – By Frances

My heart was beating faster than I was running. I was about to die.  Alone, scared, nowhere to run. How did I get myself in this mess? If only Cheryl was here, she’d know what to do… I fell to the ground, leaning against a tree, I knew these would be some of my last breaths. I peaked around the tree. It was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw it… Or it least some of it? It’s legs where there but where was the rest?

Before I had time to panic I heard heavy breathing coming from behind me…

The letters from Anna and Ben by Olivia

Dear Anna

I lost both my legs in an accident, today they measured my legs so they can fit me some new artificial legs. The doctor said that I’m very lucky because a lot of men die of infection or the accident altogether! How’s life in the village?

love from Ben

Dear Ben

I got your letter, life in the village is good. The old women next door Mrs McDonald died in her sleep last night. I hope you come home soon I miss you with all my heart. I really want you back my love.

lots of love Anna

The legs in the forest by Matt

Max and Ryan where walking in the forest together when they found giant legs in the forest. They didn’t know what to do so they continued walking, five minutes later they found the same legs at the same place. They were very confused, they were lost. It started to turn night, they got scared, both of them didn’t know how to survive in the wild. They tried to calm down but they couldn’t. They tried to walk and randomly find the exit. They walked for quite a bit and they couldn’t find it. They could see the exit but then…

The Curse by Olivia J

Blues and blacks swirled across my vision as it grabbed my leg, pulling me deeper. Its claws sank  into my leg as I struggled to shake it off. Suddenly something grabbed my collar, lifting me out off the water. I hit the ground with a thump, all the breath driven out of me. In front of me stood a…. Well I don’t  exactly know what it was but it looked like a tiger crossed with a bunch of seaweed. Weird? I jumped to my feet as the monster pointed to something behind me. A pair of giant wooden legs….. Seriously!