The Relay Race by Matt

John had a big dream of being a professional runner with his friends. They all ran three km on Sunday. They wanted to join a big relay race and they wanted to win. They entered the race and they all trained together and ran ten km instead of three and they ran on Saturdays and Sundays. They all drove to a hotel next to the race. The race was tomorrow so they needed to go to sleep at nine. The next day when the race started and they ran. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

Freedom of Thought – By Frances

All alone. Nothing to do. Am I just expected to sit up here and wait? For what? A Prince or some Saviour? NO! I’m the Saviour! I’m the Princess! Not some damsel in distress just waiting, hopelessly, for some Hero!

The one thing that amused me was a window to the far left of the tower. Looking out only on fields. The day above all others was when I saw children racing across the grass. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress towards their destination. Where were they going? Oh, how I wanted to join them!

Magic bean! -Ellie week #27

“RUN!”I yelled to my friends, “Nearly there!!” I jumped the last metre down the castle wall. We (Helen, Annie, Gabriel and I) had stolen the last magic bean from a malicious giant called Raziel to create a portal home. Helen was last down the wall. We started to run, hoping and praying that the giant would not catch us. BOOM! The ground shook as Raziel landed, sending us flying. Annie helped Gabriel up and they kept running. The giant was catching up!!! Helen and I ran like the wind. Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress…

To The Doors! – Rebecca

I grab my friends by the arm pulling them along. ”We need to run faster!” I yell in their ears. They turn to look at me, a grin spreading across Willow’s face while Lilac looks unsure, scared even… ”Well come on then!” Willow says while pulling us along. I try to stay hopeful, but in my mind I know were running out of time. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Now I was scared out of my mind. What if we didn’t make it? What if the doors closed without us?

Then we’d all die! 

The Race by Olivia J

It was the big day. The sun was high in the sky. People poured into the stands while the racers took their places. All of them wore confident smiles except James, Julie and Lucy. It was their first race and they were scared.’Ready… Steady…. GO!’ yelled the Starter. And they were off, their feet thundering up the path. Autumn leaves swirled around them filling the air with a rainbow of colours. James, Julie and Lucy were at the back of the group. One of the officials said ‘Although they ran quickly, they are still not making enough progress’. Thump, Crash.

“HELP!” -Grace D week#27

“Help!” was the scream coming from a pair of twins, running from a ferocious monster. Although they were running quickly, they were not making enough progress to outrun the horrible thing. “We will be caught soon and probably killed” was the thought lingering in their heads. There was nowhere to hide and soon they would have to stop running. They were both determined not to get caught but they knew deep down that they would be. Right now they needed a real hero, not one from the comic books they liked to read. A true hero that could save them!

Safe,for now ……. by Cait

As Jake roared, the raptors ran. He then jumped out of the tree. I sprinted into the foliage. “Jake”, I screamed. “Cory, it’s really you”, Jake said. He looked around.  “Follow me.” We ran through the jungle.  “I’m going to explain why this happened.” “I know what happened”, I snapped. “Not all of it,” Jake said solemnly. “We crashed while flying to see the Dimorphadon. We all ran, but I heard a shriek I knew – the raptor call for back up. I ran ahead of the others. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.” He grimaced.

The tadpole by sherab

it was a tiny little thing, it had hopeless eyes and a shiny yellow body. None the less  I loved it. I was a bit disappointed at first. But after having it for a while I started to realize how nice it really was.  having a pet I mean. Today was show and tell so I brought in Tommy (the pet). school break. I was sitting in my usual spot in the yard with Tommy ‘when Christian walked up to me. ” Hey, a weirdo who has a GOLDEN TADPOLE for a pet!”

he knocked over the bowl “no!” but then he was knocked back by the air. Tommy had disappeared

The Cave by Luca

It was hopeless. What at first seemed like a tiny problem had now escalated into a huge catastrophe. We were stuck in the cave after the entrance fell in on itself. To me and Reuben it is was unknown to us if Jamie survived the collapse. We hadn’t seen him since then and Reuben was starting to get worried. It was then we saw some sort of yellow and shiny thing. It looked a lot like gold from its place in the cave wall. It was at that moment when Reuben went to make contact with it that it started glowing.

Water, JJ

They want me to wake up. I can feel myself slipping away. I feel so hopeless. They have complete control. A tiny flicker, yellow light, shining in the darkness starting to fade.

My eyes open. I’m still submerged in water. My lungs suddenly scream for air, tearing against my chest, trying to get to the surface. I swim to the top, choking and spluttering. The water is shiny, reflecting every feature on my face. He grabs my arm, his fingers easily meeting around it. “Not thin enough.” He mutters. “It won’t work if you’re not thin enough.

“No food tonight.”