The giant teacup!!! By Ellie!

During dinner my trusty dog, Rover, started barking at my clear  window. I slowly got up and looked outside. Everything seemed normal. My beautiful red flowers swayed in the moonlight. Suddenly a flash of white zoomed past me and through my flowers, leaving upturned grass, dirt and petals in a trail of destruction behind it. I sprinted  outside. What was it? Was it a bird? It was a… Giant teacup??? I got closer and the ground shook violently, making me fall into it. I struggled to get up, when the cup shook and it whisked me into the night sky…

the giants tea party by grace doyle

“Pass the sugar please”said Oak. “Of course, my lady”replied Bark. “What a lovely tea party this is!”exclaimed Amber. This was no ordinary tea party, but a giants tea party. Giants don’t drink normal tea, they drink soil from big cups and teapots. Everything is big! “Ooops!” cried Oak. “I accidently dropped a teacup onto planet Earth!”

Meanwhile down on planet Earth…

“What a lovely day it is for a walk in the park” sighed Julia to herself. “I wish it was like this all the time”. But what would she make of the giants teacup just a few miles ahead?

stranded by Hannah

i wake up. stranded in the middle of the ocean. “What am floating on” i say to myself  I look out the side of the object it had a handle and a gold pattern around the edge. could it be? i think. it is a tea cup? really. then a figure of a shark out of the deep  was in the water. I felt my heart skip a beat

then i saw it’s nose at  the rim of the tea cup, then it’s bloody teethe. it’s midnight blue eye. i think i’m going to die. it’s mouth starts to open…

Whats on the other side? by Grace P

Finally the big day came, they were getting ready to build our  school. First, they had to clear the land and that big cup, so three men came to pull at the cup. It would not budge then two more people came over but it still wouldn’t budge so they got the digger. Finally it came off but it wasn’t what they expected to find on the other side. It was millions of cups, one man came over to look, two more men came over as well. Suddenly, it started to suck everyone in. Should I run… or save them

The buried cup by matt

One night while i was reading my book there was a bright glow coming from the window. I looked outside and saw a cup berried into the ground. I then went back to read. Later on when i went to sleep i heard a big BANG from downstairs. I immediately got out of my bed and ran downstairs. I looked around for my parents but i couldn’t find them. Then i went to the bathroom but everything was gone. Then i went to my bed and everything was gone. Then i saw a black cup figure creeping up to me…

Who made this tea? by Ishitha

“We asked two chefs to make some green tea and this, this is what they give us” yelled Eily. The first tea was filled with Irish tea (not so well made) and lots of geary green food colouring. Eily and her husband Mark hated this tea. The second tea was actually a very nice English tea but placed on top was  freshly grown grass with mud plopped into the cup. “Will anyone ever make us proper green tea”exclaimed Mark. “We don’t deserve this”shrieked Eily. Mark was a political leader who wanted everything. “What will we do with them” questioned Eily.

A Cup of Rabbit – By Frances

As I ran for my life I stumbled into a field. It was covered in all sorts of plants and weeds. Venturing into the brambles, I saw something ahead. It looked like a big ball of fluff. Then as I got closer, I realised it was a white rabbit sitting in a patch of grass. I was about ten feet away from it and then… Poof! It just disappeared! A few moments later, a giant tea cup appeared in the rabbits place. It was so giant, I would even say it was bigger than me. Bending down to investigate what I had just seen, I felt something pounce on me from behind, knocking me out cold…

mugs cups and more cup/mugs sherab :)}

just me playing cuphead. Mom had finally agreed to let me stay home.  when it hit me; a cup I mean. I didn’t know where it came from. I thought it might be Sucy but  I would’ve  heard her footsteps.

It began snowing so I walked over to my window  and it was the weirdest thing, I saw a huge cup in the ground half in the dirt. I went out to take a better look. For some reason there was no snow around the giant cup, in fact, it was warm. I clambered inside. then everything around me disappeared…\(*0*)/


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