A Cup of Rabbit – By Frances

As I ran for my life I stumbled into a field. It was covered in all sorts of plants and weeds. Venturing into the brambles, I saw something ahead. It looked like a big ball of fluff. Then as I got closer, I realised it was a white rabbit sitting in a patch of grass. I was about ten feet away from it and then… Poof! It just disappeared! A few moments later, a giant tea cup appeared in the rabbits place. It was so giant, I would even say it was bigger than me. Bending down to investigate what I had just seen, I felt something pounce on me from behind, knocking me out cold…

mugs cups and more cup/mugs sherab :)}

just me playing cuphead. Mom had finally agreed to let me stay home.  when it hit me; a cup I mean. I didn’t know where it came from. I thought it might be Sucy but  I would’ve  heard her footsteps.

It began snowing so I walked over to my window  and it was the weirdest thing, I saw a huge cup in the ground half in the dirt. I went out to take a better look. For some reason there was no snow around the giant cup, in fact, it was warm. I clambered inside. then everything around me disappeared…\(*0*)/


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