Proud by Ivie

I was walking to school, it was lashing rain.

When I arrived, I went to my locker and threw my backpack in it. Then, I walked to class.

“Haha! There’s the Lonely Loser!” Ashley said, I was used to it by now. I kept my chin high, not letting her get to me. She gaped at me. I smirked to myself.

After class, I went to my locker to get my lunch. I opened the bag. It was empty. What a surprise!

I instantly knew who it was.

Ashley and her vampires…..

That ruthless, disgusting annoying girl took my lunch!


One thought on “Proud by Ivie”

  1. Ivie, excellent! I love your piece, you have the captured the mood so well, it is not difficult to imagine how your character feels and I think we have all met a Madison in our lives. Your layout really adds to your writing and shows consideration for the reader.

    Keep up the great work!


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