So today after school I stayed back to play with my friends. After I came back home I was exhausted after playing tag. I came into the house and went my room to get a cookie from my secrete stash. Empty what a surprise no one can get past my security door (my books). I had some suspicions 1 my brother 2 my other brother. I got my super cool sun glasses and my Nintendo hat and went to find the person who ate my cookies.  I asked my two brothers did they eat my cookies they didn’t  wait I ate it

One thought on “Richmon”

  1. Richmon, this story is so you! I can hear your voice as I read. That makes this enjoyable to read but sometimes we have to write in a more posh way than we speak. Make sure you are reading your 100WC or get a friend to read it to make sure it is your best best!

    Keep up the good work,


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