Runaway by Ivie

I stuffed things into my backpack, hot tears were in my eyes.

Don’t think back. They treated you like trash, this is the best thing you can do.

I placed the ladder outside my window. Stepping down, I felt relieved. My foot touched the pavement, I ran fast. I didn’t see a stone and fell over. Red liquid started sinking through my leggings.

After limping to the train station, I took out coins and got a ticket to Gitsfield where I’ll be staying at Griffin’s house. When I arrived, someone shouted my name.

“Hi Griffin,” I said happily.

“Hey Lilah!”

2 thoughts on “Runaway by Ivie”

  1. This was a fantastic story, I really liked your use of Italics to emphasise thoughts and the way you used the prompt word to describe blood.

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