Shut Your Eyes!! By Ellie Walsh!

As the sun got brighter and brighter, I shut my eyes tightly. Screaming came from all over the garden. “SHUT YOUR EYES EVERYONE!” I shouted at everyone. But no one listened. Even with my eyes closed, I could still tell no one had listened, as I could still hear screeching and shouting. Suddenly I froze as I remembered something, MY BROTHER, JONATHAN!

I quickly opened my eyes and saw him dead-like on the floor beside me, his eyes white, and so pale.

I froze, started to tear up, shut my eyes and held his hand tightly. The light  blinded him..

One thought on “Shut Your Eyes!! By Ellie Walsh!”

  1. I love the sense of mystery you have built in your piece, Ellie. I am particularly impressed that even though we are in the middle of Write a Book madness you still made the time to submit your 100 Word Challenge!
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Ciara, your favourite teacher ever!!!

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