Sing! By Ellie

As Taylor Swift walked up the stage, she started to shake and wobble. “Eight hundred thousand people are here.. Wow” She mumbled into the microphone. I could hear the crowd sighing and mumbling to themselves. I walked over to the karaoke machine and pressed the `play` button. Taylors face started to go pale. She put the microphone up to her mouth and opened her mouth but no noise came out. “GO TAYLOR” I shouted at her, from the side of the stage. She started singing. But it was completely out of tune. The crowd started booing and shouting at her.

One thought on “Sing! By Ellie”

  1. Hi Ellie! How lucky that you were able to be at the gig! Though you seemed a bit disappointed with Taylor Swift’s out-of-tune singing, I hope you stilled enjoyed the experience. Do you like singing, by the way? 🙂

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