Surprise Birthday Party by Ivie

All of my friends were happy, but something wasn’t right.

I asked them all, only to be answered with a blank stare.

We were doing a project, it looked really good but they were all exhausted.

I got frustrated and flipped out,

A days later, I walked into my house after school.

Party streamers, confetti, and my best friends in the world hosted a surprise party for me.

My heart filled with joy and I smiled.

I really am lucky to have friends like them!

Everyone mingled, danced, drank and ate Doritos.

But something was off, just underneath our noses…..

One thought on “Surprise Birthday Party by Ivie”

  1. Hi Ivie,
    It sounded like such a happy story at first. Your friends had been secretive and were exhausted because they were trying to organise a surprise for you. But then, you added that final sentence, leaving me with the feeling that all was not well. I wonder what was off….?
    Melbourne, Australia

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