Mum, Cory let the raptors out again by Cait

It’s my fault the raptors had escaped. Oh yeah, I`m Cory Mays. I`m the Dino handler for Jurassic World. I am sprinkled with dinosaurs on my top and I`ve got pink shorts with a daffodil sewn on. I`m usually working with huge Dino`s like raptors. Any how, I was kinda feeding them on the bridge when Scrabble pulled me in. I was gonna die but Veli (the Alpha) stopped her siblings feasting on me. Jake opened the hatch a bit so I could get out. I slid under and Jake pulled me free. Then, the lever got knocked and they escaped…

my downfall by Cait

I wake up to find my arm in a sling and someone`s back to me.  “Cory, you’re awake,” Jake said looking over his shoulder.   “Jake,” I say, wincing at my blood-covered arm . “What happened?”  “Well knowing you, you went out to do something crazy like stealing an egg,” Jake answered. He then looks at my arm. ” I followed. I found gypsy here looking after you.” I see a Corythesaurus sleeping. ” Here,” he says handing me something. “What is it?””Dragon fruit, helps healing”. I take a bite. “Rest”.  As I drift off, raptors flood my mind “Lets try to go home again”.

Avenging Jake by Cait

“Jake, I’m so sorry.” I said, the feeling of guilt curling in the pit of my stomach. I knew it was my fault that I hadn’t gone with them. That night, since I couldn’t sleep, I crept out of the camp. It was misty, which made the danger even more grave, but I knew those vicious raptors HAD to pay. They saw me there and this time, they weren’t holding back. I shouted frantically as they lashed at my arm, now crimson. The pain was excruciating. Then everything went black, and I heard Jake’s voice say,” Cory! Get up, please!”

Safe,for now ……. by Cait

As Jake roared, the raptors ran. He then jumped out of the tree. I sprinted into the foliage. “Jake”, I screamed. “Cory, it’s really you”, Jake said. He looked around.  “Follow me.” We ran through the jungle.  “I’m going to explain why this happened.” “I know what happened”, I snapped. “Not all of it,” Jake said solemnly. “We crashed while flying to see the Dimorphadon. We all ran, but I heard a shriek I knew – the raptor call for back up. I ran ahead of the others. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress.” He grimaced.

Is it over…..? by Cait

It was over . I was surrounded. My life was at an end. The raptors were closing in. The thought of never seeing Jake again crossed my mind. I couldn’t hold back my tear. I could hear the growl of the raptors. I thought if I ran they’d  get me.  As  I thought I was a goner, I heard a ginormous ROAR. It was hopeless though. the next thing I saw was a shiny ,tiny, yellow Compsognathus chirping. It hopped out of the bushes. I grimaced as I heard   “Crunch”. I noticed  someone in a tree strangely  familiar, it was Jake.