Consciousness, JJ

Muffled voices echo around me. These experiments need to stop. I feel them tugging my wrists. I gasp as they pull me above the water. The last image I saw was a tree, two man-made wooden legs kneeling in between the knees, before I’m conscious again. “What are you doing?” He yells, shaking me. My eyes are closed. I want to stop. ” You want to ruin everything?”He forced me down beside the water, I’m done trying to stop him. I’m too weak “Electroconvulsive.” He murmurs. Two Pieces of metal are attached to my temples. I tremble in fear. “Full power.”


I ran further into the woods. My heart pounding, my palms sweating and my cheeks as red as roses. The noise it wouldn’t end. Loud banging,crashing and cracking all around me. Trees falling, what could cause this much destruction? Suddenly I heard the soothing sound of silence. My ears were aching but that was okay. It started again and it sounded like it was coming towards me. It stopped and there it was before me two tall wooden legs. I said to it “What are you and why are you here?” Everything was silent, of course he cant talk.                                                                                                                                                                              END