That One Active Friend… – by Lucy S

I had a friend group, we all had our qualities, mine was being active. None of my friends liked that.

My friends were all so lazy, just lounging around all day, and they didn’t have a care in the world! At last, I made them come on a hike with me.

We had all been walking for around five to ten minutes, which is very short for an active person like me… But they were exhausted! Panting like worn-out dogs and trying to drag themselves up the side of the mountain.

“I need new friends,” I muttered quietly,  sprinting ahead.

One thought on “That One Active Friend… – by Lucy S”

  1. As I read your last sentence I was literally just thinking: “She needs new friends!” Nice job leading your reader straight to your conclusion, Lucy. I wonder how she started hanging out with them to begin with? Will this inspire the lazy group to get out an exercise more or if they will go back to their sedentary ways? If you had more words to use I would have liked to know a few more specific details about the friend group. For example, it would be interesting to know how many of them there were, when/where they met, and something else about their personalities. Nice job with your entry this week!

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