The Best Birthday Party Ever!! by Myriam

Dear Reader,
                                               You won’t believe what happened today, I had my birthday party and it was amazing. We watched the movie The Grinch, it was great. It was about him not liking Christmas and him planning on stealing Christmas. After the movie, we walked out of the cinema and went to Milano’s  to have lunch, it was delicious. On our way, we seemed to be on the television because everyone was looking at us, as if we were mega superstars. But really, we’re just a bunch of girls celebrating my birthday with a party.
From the Birthday girl, Myriam!

One thought on “The Best Birthday Party Ever!! by Myriam”

  1. Hi Myriam,

    Caelie, Lorraine and I enjoyed your story.

    It was interesting how you thought people might recognise you as celebrities….Did they say something or ask for your autographs that made you think that? It would have been good to know more about how you came to that conclusion.

    We actually really liked your picture too. At first we thought it was where the Grinch lived!

    From Caelie, Lorraine and Michelle in Australia

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