The Building By Abigail!

It was a hot day and my family and I had just finished moving all our furniture. It was exciting moving but it was bad because I would never see my friends again. My Mom and Dad were happy as well. The next day my Mom asked me to get some bread. I walked out the door and started walking to the shop. Suddenly  something caught my eye. It was an old building but the door was  open so I went inside. It was very gloomy. I went behind a desk but suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me away.

One thought on “The Building By Abigail!”

  1. Hi Abigail,
    Well done on your 100WC. I liked the idea of you stumbling across a gloomy building but I would have liked you to write more about what happened in the building rather than what happened on the way… Next time, try to build more tension around the prompt, you have a talent as a writer!
    Keep up the great work!

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