The chase is on – By Sophia

My name is Lucy. There’s a mean guy on our road, Roger Mackenteir. It was Halloween yesterday and I played a prank with Alva, my best friend. We waited until around… 10:00 pm before we played the prank. We had masks on our faces because last year, Jake Bird got caught on camera by Mackenteir and was reported for “Vandalising property.” But this year, Alva and I walked up the lane to crack eggs in Mackenteir’s post box.”AHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed “Gotcha!” said Mister Mackentier as he jumped out from a bush. We pumped our legs super fast, but they were exhausted…

One thought on “The chase is on – By Sophia”

  1. Oh Sophia, I’m worried about poor Lucy and Alva now! Their poor, exhausted legs. I do hope they were able to get away from Mr Mackentier as he sounds really awful (although, if I were them, I would have kept well away from that house).
    Lovely writing and I enjoyed how you sequenced the story so that it made sense.
    Melbourne, Australia

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