The Children , By Maaike

It was a cold, Saturday night, I was getting ready for bed. Suddenly I heard a scream, it wasn’t your normal scream it was a terrible, horrible scream! I went to the window as fast as I could. And outside was 2 children who were just sitting on the grass. But they were exhausted, and they couldn’t catch there breaths. I was getting worried so I slipped on my boot and a jacket and went out to see what was wrong. “Excuse me, are you okay?” I asked politely. But they didn’t speak. To this day I still wonder what was wrong with those children.

2 thoughts on “The Children , By Maaike”

  1. Hi Maaike,
    Those people must have seen something really horrible to scream like that and not to be able to answer your question. Yikes!
    I liked how you mentioned their breathing as a way of showing how exhausted they were.
    From Michelle,
    Melbourne, Australia

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