The Christmas raffle By karen

My family and I were going to a big Christmas celebration in Dublin .  I was very excited ♥ I wanted to win the Christmas raffle and  get a nice big present and I also wanted to buy a Christmas cake !!  When we were at the big celebration I put 20 tickets in to the raffle.  Then I went over to the busy cake shop. I bought a nice chocolate cupcake to eat after the raffle . Soon a tall man went up on stage and picked out a ticket. That ticket was mine . I rushed over to my present and opened it….

2 thoughts on “The Christmas raffle By karen”

  1. Hello Karen, how lucky was your character winning the raffle! Or was she? You last sentence makes me wonder… Is it a good thing or isn’t it? So, you have really engaged me as a reader. I like how you built up the enthusiasm in your story. I love the anticipation of someone pulling out a raffle ticket, thinking that I might win. I don’t very often, but it is fun.

  2. Kia ora Karen. Well done, I really enjoyed your 100 Word Challenge. Your word choices add detail that make your work interesting to read, such as “tall man”, “busy cake shop”, “nice big present”. Keep up the excellent writing Karen!

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