The cup by Ellis

1669 “Captain, Captain!” The commander shouted with fear. “What is it Deco?!” said the captain. “the ship has 6% fuel!!!!!!” “GOOD GRIEF!!”               Life is hard in the g, c, t, a, h, 7, %, f. It stands for giant, cup, that, always ,has, 7, %, fuel. “NOW 5!!” “NOW 4!!” “NOW 3, 2, 1. But before he could even get on his para shoot, BOOM, BANG, CRASH! The cup crashed with no survivors left. Not one thing left but the big lost cup. Many many years later it is 1814 and people think they know everything about it because they studied non true research. for example they think its called mother ship 2000.

One thought on “The cup by Ellis”

  1. T, w, g, E!!!! (That was great Ellis!!!!) love the use of letters I’m not sure what that’s called but it made me lol!!!!! I’d love to see why the story got so distorted over time!!! Well done!!

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