The Drakon — By Sophia

Once there was a boy who’s name was Victor. He was a  foolish boy, who always wanted to meddle with deadly creatures. In his spare time, he’d try to discover the Drakon.

Victor walked through the almost black forest. He tripped up on something. He splayed his palm and a small ball of fire erupted. Light was flickering around the forest floor and small, purple and black eggs were scattered everywhere. He swiped his black fringed coat aside and he bent down, but as soon as he did, a roar echoed around the forest. He’d discovered the Drakon at last…


2 thoughts on “The Drakon — By Sophia”

  1. Hello Sophia, this is a great story. You have used great detail to engage the reader. The story flows well and you have used the challenge words really well. I loved the image of the small ball of fire and the light flickering. Well done.

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