The end by Zara

What will I do? I’m just a tiny, thin hungry little girl with a yellow, shiny raincoat. It’s so hopeless. I will never escape this dreaded boat underneath the ocean. This boat is crawling with monsters. I will never escape. It is just full of misery and hate in this world. I might as well stay here and rot into the ground and let the rats devour me as I breathe my last breath, and speak my last words before I go to hell. ” This world is already broken so there is no point in trying to fix it now “

14 thoughts on “The end by Zara”

  1. This is one of my favorite blogs! Great vocabulary! You really should write a book on this, what happened before? I like how you started the blog 🙂

  2. Hi Zara!
    First things first, we have THE SAME NAME!!! AND we’re in the same grade. Anyways, the description in your piece is super good. I also like how you wrote your story in the point of view of the main character. The ending is very… dark. And mysterious. But it’s very cool and interesting, and I actually think you could write a book with this.
    Sincerely, Zara in Illinois.
    P.S. My blog’s pretty good too, check it out!

  3. Your word choice is spot on!! Devour…misery… hopeless. You have created a mood with your words. Very well done

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