The First Christmas – By Lucy S

December 24th, 2003. The first Christmas without my mother…

As my father and I began to tear open the box of Christmas decorations. A tear rolled down my eye, as I clutched the picture of my mother at our horse stables… My father glanced over, but he turned away. I felt horrible for my father, as he had to spend Christmas without his wife.

A flashback came upon my mind, it was presents, ornaments and a small vision of my first ever Christmas. Celebrating it with my entire family, I felt safe, I always knew I was safe with my family…

One thought on “The First Christmas – By Lucy S”

  1. Hello Lucy, this is a very emotive story. The first two sentences work so well (the excitement of opening decorations with the sadness of seeing the mother’s picture). Very powerful! You have a wonderful message about the importance of family. Well done.

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