The Guardian Angel by Ivie

Hi! I’m Nova and I’m a Guardian Angel! I choose a host and a protect them from harm. I chose my host a couple days ago, and so far, he’s doing pretty well!

His name is Nathan and he lives in a village called Viola. It has their own culture and it’s rad! So Ivie let me take the reins today for the prompt!

They have these statues that protect the village against ambushes. They come to life when the village is under attack! It’s pretty darn cool! Nathan has a odd obsession with them and usually gets in trouble!




3 thoughts on “The Guardian Angel by Ivie”

  1. Great job! I love how you compared this colorful army to the Chinese Soldiers. I hope that you win! Keep up that great work of yours. I think you have an one hundred percent chance of winning!

  2. Wow, well done Ivie!
    You’ve really got quite the talent. I think we all know that, because you won the roll of honour what, four times? Keep up the good work and tell us what happens next!

    1. Thanks Sophia! I’ll try and make a part 2 but I’m lazy 😉 Thank you again and peace out!-Ivie

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