The Kryvontas by lene

If you want to see the Kryvontas its not your lucky day. For this dazzling creature is a shapeshifter,nobody will ever know what it originally was. Mostly the people think that they’re out of their mind after they see one. Some even go completely mad. The Kryvontas likes living in watery places like the pink lake (where they mainly live) . Kryvontas are not blood thirsty vicious creatures, but they mess with your memory. Sometimes if they messed with your memory too long ¬†you could forget everything about who you are or even worse …

P.s. Kryvontas means hiding in greek

2 thoughts on “The Kryvontas by lene”

  1. very well done Lene, We like that you used a greek word. It was very interesting. good job:)
    from Lana and Hana

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