The lad that scared the life out of me!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

“I was walkin’down the streets of Ballymount, minding me own business,when this lad came over on a bike screaming at the top of his lungs.”

“This lad scared the life out of me”my grandma continued.

“He came around the corner,I didn’t know what he was runnin’from,but it didn’t look good”

“I looked back tryin’ to see what in the name of god was chasin’after me, but all I could see was dark shadows, they didn’t seem to be movin’but I wasn’t gonna risk anything. I went around the corner and,  what seemed to be chasin’ me,were a crowd of statues.


2 thoughts on “The lad that scared the life out of me!!!By MyriamAziza!!!”

  1. Great job! I love how you compared this colorful army to the Chinese Soldiers. I hope that you win! Keep up that great work of yours. I think you have an one hundred percent chance of winning!

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