the marshmallow by Joshua

I was in my room and I had a howl  bag of marshmallow  but I opend the bag  I sisters james charlls said in the back round hi sisers and i ran it was a nite mare  the mashmellow it was the wrong colour   it was  black and i was in trubel  i ran to the door and a monster was behinde me i ran and ran the monster graded ma i kiked it of me and ran the door was rite there and clap clap clap the monster tirned  in to  james carlls i was a goner  the end

One thought on “the marshmallow by Joshua”

  1. Hello Joshua, it would be horrible to find that your marshmallow was black and even worse to have a monster chase you. You have been very creative in responding to this challenge. I like how you made the story more scary by saying, “…I ran and ran”. Don’t forget when you are talking about yourself, it is a capital “I”, not lower case. Keep writing and aim to improve your spelling and punctuation.

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