The Memories…By Ivie

I picked up the broken shards from the dewy ground. Tears starting to moisten my hazel eyes. I didn’t want it to break, it was the only memory I owned of my mother, I hated my mother for leaving me. Then a soft, light tune started playing from inside the pendant. I picked it up, I wiped my tears. All of a sudden, it reminded me of the time when I was in my mother’s warm arms. I was crying, she hummed the soft tune.

“Uh… earth to Hanna!” A voice shouted waving their arms in front of my eyes.

4 thoughts on “The Memories…By Ivie”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post very much, Ivie. It made me wonder what happened that caused the girl’s mother to leave. I liked the emotion that your word choice triggered. It was also interesting how you incorporated shifting from the daydream to real life. Where was your girl while she was lost in her thoughts?

    1. The thing when the girl cried was the same lullaby that her sang. You can make up where she was, I wanted the reader the wonder of where she was, it’s your choice where she was. Thank you for the feedback! From Ivie

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