The Memories (PART 2) by Ivie

You might remember me from Ivie’s story, The Memories. It’s been about two months since that came out. My friends were there to support me all the way through when my mom died.

So I decided to host a Christmas party for them. Christmas lights hung from the ceiling, presents underneath the four Christmas trees in the corners.

When my friends arrived, they had a present for me. An identical copy of my mother’s pendant. My heart melted, tears started swelling up in my eyes but I wiped them.

“Let’s get partyin’!” Griffin shouted, a develish grin on his face.

4 thoughts on “The Memories (PART 2) by Ivie”

  1. Well done on your story this week Ivie. Your’ve done a great job with the prompt. You have been very creative. Your story is sad but in the end upbeat.
    I have a feeling there will be a part 3, featuring Griffin!
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  2. Hello Ivie, you have been able to create quite a lot of emotion in your story. I think it is good that you wrote the story in the first person, “I” because it makes the reader feel closer to the character. I like your description of how you decorated the room but my favourite paragraph is the one where the friends arrive. I can just visualise what that would have been like and then that cheeky Griffin, getting the party going. Well done.

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