The Storey By Finn

One time, on a wonderful day I got a postcard. It said I got a job at the afternoon news. I was delighted. But it was not on tv. It said people will watch you while you do the news. So they can see you with their own eyes. When I got there I got ready to read the news. I didn’t like being on tv. Suddenly I realised, me and the people watching, we seemed to be on tv. I straight away left because the people who wrote the letter lied.’ That was an interesting story’,says the kid. ‘Thanks’.

One thought on “The Storey By Finn”

  1. Hi Finn
    You have an interesting idea here and it made me wonder if it was preferable to do something like read the news where you couldn’t see your audience. I think I might prefer this which contrasts to your character.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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