The Tears of Me by Ivie

“I need the Tears of Me……” I trailed off, this spell, the spell to save Neraka, is going to kill me.  Tears were threatening to roll down my cheeks.

“Guys, I won’t see you again.” A tear rolled down my cheeks. Rebecca hugged me, understanding what is going to happen. Chloe joined, one by one they joined the group hug.

I took one of the tears from my cheek, I said my goodbyes. I dropped the tear into the pot. Flashbacks, me with my friends, looking at the bike stuck in a tree. I let the pitch black consume me.


4 thoughts on “The Tears of Me by Ivie”

  1. Hi Ivie
    MY goodness this is such a powerful response to this week’s 100 word challenge prompt. You had me drawn into your writing the instant I read your opening line. Speech is a very effective way of beginning a piece of writing and your use of the word “trailed off” is also very strong. You’ve left me with so many unanswered questions that I know I’d love to read more of your writing and especially more of this story. Your cliff-hanger at the end was so scary and will leave your readers wanting to know more especially what the “pitch black” actually is. Well done. An excellent 100 word challenge that I very much enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work.
    Ms O’Keeffe (team 100wc)

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