The Three Coins by Finlay *O*

I was walking on the pavement when a wizard approached me and gave me three coins which could get me anything! I decided to go home and think about what I wanted with my three coins. On my way home I saw a homeless man, so I used a coin to give him some money, he thanked me for my kindness and I continued my journey to go home. Soon after I saw a woman collecting money for the Panda Campaign, I used my second last coin to give money for the campaign. I finally got home but the door was locked! Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my window was open, so I used my last coin to wish for a ladder, Suddenly! a red ladder came out of the ground, I climbed up to my window and got inside my house, then the ladder started sinkingĀ into the ground.

One thought on “The Three Coins by Finlay *O*”

  1. Oh my goodness! What such amazing thinking. I am just so sure that nobody this week thought of wishes. I also really adore the fact that this person was spreading kindness by donations. Keep on the great work!

    Virginia, USA

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