The ugly truth, part 1 — By Sophia


I took a step back, and examined the creative handy-work I finished last week. My name is Eva Gibbs, and I love the cute box I made for ‘Help a friend’ week. In big, black writing, the words ‘HELP BOX’ stood out with the practically blinding yellow box. A few days had passed when I took a peep inside. but it was EMPTY! What a surprise! I had put it in the hall and all, but today was different. I read the first letter, about a boy who thought he was really ugly. My answer, he isn’t.

More tomorrow,

Lyla  🙂

2 thoughts on “The ugly truth, part 1 — By Sophia”

  1. Intriguing Sophia, I really enjoyed how you titled this Part 1, it means I am left waiting to hear what happens next! What a nice idea to make a friendship box- I wonder if you should do that in our class?
    I really liked the use of capital letters for empty to really emphasise your shock, and the layout made the piece look attractive to read.

    Keep up the great work,

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