the zoo by conan

I was at the zoo “im soooo hungry” Conan said so he went to the zoo cafe  he ordered chips ” theese chips need salt” said Conan. He ate one but they were so “greasy”  and brown “looking” yuck  he had enough  and went to look at the giraffes  it was almost 26 degreese so  he got an ice cream at the stalls. He bought it and forgot to eat it! By now it had melted “this is so so so annoying” he said so he left the zoo and had a long sleep. Becouse the ice cream melted he had one for reakfast!


2 thoughts on “the zoo by conan”

  1. Hi Conan
    I never tasted the chips you are mentioning
    26 degrees wow other that great story
    Kanturk Co.Cork
    Mrs Boyce’s class

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