They’re here Sherab

I shouted for help frantically sprinting through the crimson misty graveyard. Suddenly  I tripped and fell into a murky grave, “Hello?!… Hello!?” then a grotesque thing appeared out of nowhere, “Who the hell are you?” [email protected]@*(*&^?”:{}|. “Do you speak English?”

“VOICE RECOGNITION COMPLETE, LANGUAGE OF PLANET ENGLISH,” it spoke in such a loud voice I could just make out the words. “Hey you, where’d you come from?”

“PLANET NAME CESLATURN” “Ok,where’s that?” “LOCATION DISTANCE…CALCULATING…” he made weird noises like buzzing and humming “DISTANCE 1234 LIGHT YEARS AWAY” “Yeah cool , can you help me out?” soon his arms grew  and he picked me up who are you?. \(*^*)/