time to prank my friend By Nicky

My friend has been pranking me too much so I decided to prank him. We were at the chipper and my friend had to go to the bathroom so I got his packet of chips and put the whole bottle of vinegar in it. When he came back he ate a chip and then he shouted “OMG the vinegar is too sharp”and  I said “oh I hate it when they put it all on one chip”. He was so mad when I told him it was a prank, but I knew he was going to prank me back. Oh no!

One thought on “time to prank my friend By Nicky”

  1. Hello Nicky, yes pranks can go wrong and lead to other pranks. I like how you set the context in your first sentence so that the reader immediately thinks something is going to happen, and it will probably be something funny. This is very engaging for the reader. The “Oh no!” sets the scene for another story.

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