Unwanted – By Sophia

Tessa McGinty is a spoilt child, who lived in luxury and always got her hearts desire. If there was a Barbie doll, she got it, or a new I-pod, she got it. One day Tessa was at Tesco. “Muvver, I want that teddy. NOW!” she hollered, at the top of her lungs. “Yes honey, but surely you have enough?” her mother asked. “Don’t care!” was her answer. Tessa bought the teddy, and brought it home. When they went to Tesco again, because mother left her card, she got yet another, cuter teddy, and threw the old one out the window.

One thought on “Unwanted – By Sophia”

  1. Hello Sophia, this is an interesting story. You have shown how dreadful it is when people take things for granted and do not appreciate what they have or a given. You certainly showed that Tessa’s behaviour was dreadful…you set up her character really well. I felt so sad when she just threw the old Teddy away. Well done.

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