V Coins By Conan

I landed Shifty Shifts, for you people who don’t know what Shifty Shifts it is a cool abandoned gold mine in Fortnite Battle Royal is I saw  a “SINKING HOUSE” I  saw a ladder  a red ladder on the pavement to be exact! I climbed up and saw V Coins in the window of the “SINKING HOUSE!!!!???” I got my axe and broke in  the window and got the v coins. I  am so happy because I got loads of new outfits and a new glider and a new axe I was so happy  The End. V – Coins By Conan

One thought on “V Coins By Conan”

  1. Conan I’m going to guess you play games, video games like my grandson plays on his iPad, Tablet, X-Box… you know what I mean! It sounds like you got a lot of treasure with the V-Coins.
    Well done!

    I enjoyed reading this!

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