‘What a bad dare!’ – by Lucy S

It was a cold, misty November evening. Annie and her cousin, Gabby, were walking to Tesco, to buy ingredients for brownies. When Gabby began to speak, ‘Hey Annie, I dare you to take that vinegar from the shelf and chug it!’ Annie glanced over at the vinegar and slightly nodded her head when she slowly walked to the shelf. She opened the cap and started to drink it, she began to cough like crazy, the vinegar was too sharp! ‘Are you okay, Annie?’ Gabby chuckled. ‘I’m fine.’ she spoke in between coughs, what a bad dare, but what a funny memory.

One thought on “‘What a bad dare!’ – by Lucy S”

  1. Hello Lucy, I quite like vinegar but I don’t think I would be able to drink it directly from the bottle (I hope it was a small bottle). I like your last statement, …”what a bad dare, but what a funny memory”. It lets the reader know that nothing bad came of the dare. I think you’ve used some really good words to make your story more interesting too, e.g. “cold”, “misty”, “glanced” and “chuckled”. Well done.

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